"Nowadays, the handling of large volumes of information has become an essential ingredient to achieve the commercial success."

Experts in Big Data & Business Analytics

Internet daily data generated such as: social network, videos, emails, web sensors, browsers, etc., must be analyzed in order to be used for the companies’ benefit.

Information is new millennial’s oil, that´s why the person who has the ideal infrastructure to analyze any kind of information, will lead this competitive market, ensuring that the best decision is made and endorsed.

To manage great volumes of information implies huge challenges, from consumption and storage of massive quantities of structured, semi-structured and no-structured information, affordable, up to its exploitation. Big Data was born with this objective, as a business solution which habilitates effective decision-making and efficient information management and storage.

Our success is based in delivering value through massive volumes of information with reasonable costs and time.

In Appliance Technologies the biggest database in Latin America is administered.